Middle-managers continue to lack the information they need to perform to their best in their roles.  With Encanvas you can source the actionable insights your business needs.  Our data mashups and visualisations instantly deliver rich insights across your operational landscapes – from data held in your existing systems – to meet the time critical needs of decision makers.

The task of creating reports and dashboards consumes large amounts of time and energy and yet commonly serves less than *25% of the people who need access to insights.

* Source: Information Age magazine survey (September 2006) on adoption of BI tools found that it was not uncommon for organizations to have 10 different BI  tools to analyze and present data, yet these tools typically only served insights to less than 25% of users. 

Encanvas data mashups and visualisations instantly deliver rich insights across your operational landscapes – from data held in your existing systems – to meet the time critical needs of decision makers.  It’s so quick and easy to create dashboards in Encanvas, that if they turn out not to be useful, or your ideas move on, you can afford to change or discard them.

What are your mission critical landscapes?

Every organization has its own blend of operational landscapes; perspectives on market and progress performance attributes that influence its ability to succeed – revenue, competition, risk, compliance, regulation, supply-chain, customers…

  • What if you had a method of bringing all of your internal reports and external intelligence sources onto the same page – so that you could see a single-page aggregated view of what’s really happening to your organization within its market?
  • And what if you could drill-down to the detail if ever you get curious? Bounce around ‘what-ifs’ and ideas – even share your thoughts with colleagues in a trusted secure and live workspace environment?

What really matters changes over time

Ask chief executives what information really matters to them and you’ll find they have a handful of issues at the top of their agenda. But front-of-mind issues constantly change. It’s in the nature of a business that leaders must make sense of new situations and rapidly apply their experience to make informed judgements. Once issues are understood they become part of the ‘fabric’ of business processes. Encanvas responds to the ever changing key priorities of leaders across the enterprise by creating and adapting dashboards as they are needed – economically and quickly.

Integration with multiple source systems

Encanvas offers advanced data integrations technology to create new temporary and permanent data marts without requiring coding or scripting. Powerful data mashup and integrations features allow apps to integrate with multiple sources at the same time.

What Can You Use Encanvas For?

Operational Intelligence

  • Email and mobile notifications to notify managers of progress against targets
  • Dashboards that cascade performance targets across the organization
  • Form data from across the enterprise into data-cubes for slice and dice analysis

Strategic insights

  • Create scenarios to ask and answer ‘what-if’ questions
  • Benefit from geospatial (map) and landscape views of data

Make better decisions

  • Produce a single, unified view of enterprise-wide information
  • Better align resources with strategies
  • Speed up decision-making processes
  • Make sense of information through location awareness
  • Plan activities and campaigns more effectively
  • Interpret conflicts and synergies
  • Achieve better targeting and coordination of services


  • Rich, holistic views created without coding or scripting
  • Collaborative solutions
  • Build with stakeholders
  • Faster deployment
  • ‘Data mashup’ capabilities come as standard
  • Requires no resources on the browser
  • Proactive alerts
  • Code-less data connectors built-in


  • Build dashboards for capture, analysis and presentation of information without programming, scripting or data warehousing expertise
  • Create collaborative business intelligence solutions
  • Design applications with stakeholders in workshops
  • Create sophisticated and secure web portal and mobile applications in hours, not days or weeks!
  • Blend data from disparate systems across the enterprise with powerful data mash-up capabilities to create federated business intelligence views
  • Web deployments do not require any plug-ins or client installed software to use
  • Create email alerts to notify users of new information
  • Comes supplied with Connectors for integration with MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase, Excel, .CSV, ODBC etc.